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Alexandre de Maio is a comic journalism writer inspired by Hip-Hop culture and engaged with social themes. 

Born in 1978, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the urban culture was a determinant in his career.

In 1999 when he was just 21 years old he debuted into the Journalism releasing the magazine RAP Brazil. During 10 years he produced and published magazines for the youth audience. 

In 2006 he launched his first comic “The enemies don’t send flowers (Pixel Publisher)” written by Ferrez. 

Since 2010 he creates comic journalism working with social themes in different media, such as the website Catraca Livre and Forum magazine. 

In partnership with Agencia Publica he produced a range of comic journalism and in 2013 he won the Investigative Journalism award “Tim Lopes” with the news report “Girls in game”, tackling the child sexual exploitation in Fortaleza, Brazil. 

In the same year, he published the comic book “Desterro” about the life in Capao Redondo, outskirts of the south area of Sao Paulo. 

In 2014 the French magazine Courrier International published his comic journalism about the World Cup. At the same period, he produced comic journalism for the newspapers Folha de Sao Paulo and Estado de Sao Paulo, for the magazine Placar and for the NGO Greenpeace. He was finalist of the Abril Journalism award in two categories. 

In 2015 he produced special comics about the Olimpic Games for Veja magazine and developed the “fact-checking” “Truco in the Congress” for Agencia Publica. He was also finalist in three categories in the Journalism award Garcia Marques. In the same year, he published in the Playboy magazine and the French edition of the comic book “Desterro” was launched with the name “Favela Chaos”. 

In 2016 he illustrated the book Generation Favela for the French Publisher Ateliers Henry Dougier and published the news report Jesuis Rio for the French Publisher Anacaona.

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